not_so_blue v2.0

My Linux theme, not_so_blue, which I’ve talk about in this post, as worked out great! I like the solarized color scheme and the concky windows are really great and useful. Since the post I have naturally changed things a bit. Over the course of a few months, the changes I made were:

Dropped the hexadecimal text

The text itself just had some randomly typed message. I thought it looked cool, but after a while it just looks horrible. Plus, it gave the impression that it had some real time output, which it didn’t. I though about implementing something like that, but it would not be useful and it would just be another process running.

By dropping that I was able to add more concky windows.

Dropped the sine waves

The sine waves look cool, but I got tired of them. Plus, everyone thought they had animations when they saw the screens.

Again, I thought it would be cool to animate them somehow. Just have their frequency change with the processor usage or something like that. It would look great, but it would also be a bit ridiculous to have something requiring so much processing power for some eye candy thing.

More concky windows

The new concky windows are very useful and they look nice. The first one shows the processes currently running, which is a bit useful. I can quickly see what are the processes taking up most of the processor’s time without doing the top command.

The second window just displayed some information regarding the CPU, RAM, and SWAP. Again, very useful and nice looking.

The center window might look a bit redundant when considering that the same information already appears on the top bar. But it shows up differently and looks very cool. I know it is redundant, but I like it. Plus, it displayed temperature.

The fourth window is for networking information. The top bar only says if Wi-Fi is up or down. In here I have some more information which is both cool and useful. The same goes for wired connections.

The fifth window… Well I needed something. It’s funny like that.

New Wallpaper

The new wallpaper is just a maze. I a maze generator online. Generated some maze. Placed it on top of a singled colored wallpaper, rotated it, gave it a few colors.

So simple and so cool.


The rest is similar. The distro is still Ubuntu, now with version 14.04 LTS. The window manager is i3.

A few screens are here at the bottom of this post.

Check my GitHub containing the concky configurations.

clean dirty1 dirty2

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